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The Web, The Mirror, The Fabric

Amid Chaos is where I find myself Creating stronger platforms to speak on the subjects of evolution, art & magic. Culture it’s self is a clear example of the diverse fabric of the human experience. Time, creation & knowledge being sewn into a web that has made technology into it’s own living entity. Now the inner lining, an inner net, internet.

In front of our eyes people are waking up to the power they have within unity. We are also seeing how history repeats it’s self, karmic cycles can match up with timelines we’ve created. Cycle after cycle is now accessible with a broader visual and vibrational understanding, beyond culture, religion & politics we reside with empathy.

History, Art & spiritual literature of any kind has created deeper levels of understanding within the current generation. Each day information becomes more accessible. Now is a time to analyze the human experience with meaning, we have no excuses for repeating the aspects of the past that take away our freedom. That includes standing up against injustices that do not fit your moral code.


How much of our created reality is a piece of our mirror?

How much of us exists within the web?

What will become of our story in history within life & this existing matrix?

How much of us is also just a cycled, programed, intricate coil of information? Family history, past relationships and repressed memories.

Would our soul be a coil like DNA?

Like thread, fabric, blanket, Fate?

How much of life already lived, felt like a repeat? What is being repeated!?

What’s so important about a cycle?

It reveals who you always were & who you never want to be again.

Karma — The rule of thirds

C — Third letter in the alphabet but never third place I’m alpha, bet number 3 Creation, building First letter of me.

Hi I’m Claire, I’m clarity.

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